What is crypto lending?

Crypto Lending is a trade where you can lend out your Cryptocurrency and earn interest. The deal is facilitated by Crypto Lending Platforms that offer lending of different cryptocurrencies like Ether, Bitcoin, and Stable Coins.

Since 2018, a number of lending platforms have cropped up within the crypto industry and can generally be grouped into centralized and decentralized platforms. 

In the immediate term, however, this ecosystem offers a number of unique opportunities for crypto participants to earn yield, gain liquidity and increase the productivity of their assets.

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Andrew Nilsson

Traditional Lending offers fixed rates, whereas, in Crexlend, one could get the advantage of the TXC Floating rates.

Andrew Nilsson

Our Professional Team

We are privileged enough to work with the best and brightest Global management team in Bitcoin and Altcoins.

We believe that the decentralized world will grow exponentially, becoming an integral part of our daily lives. 

With technology breakthroughs now occurring in fields such as AI, VR, nanotech, quantum computing, and an increasing number of businesses, entrepreneurs and consumers adopting blockchain technology in everyday life, we aim to inform, educate, and share valuable information with our partners and users.

We work hard every day to increase blockchain usability and security by taking advantage offered today's digital revolution.


TenXcoin Team

We are privileged enough to work with the best and brightest Global management team in Bitcoin and Altcoins.


Adrew Nilsson

The best part is that they are continuously increasing these funds. They are very much focused on giving everyone a chance to obtain these funds too.


Khloe Gwen

By spreading its operations across a network of computers, blockchain allows Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to operate without the need for a central authority.


Mary Larson

As its name implies, decentralized systems don’t have one central owner. Instead, they use multiple central owners, each of which usually stores a copy of the resources users can access.


Peter Carter

As a long term crypto holder, it’s important to me to be able to leverage my existing capital without selling. Earning weekly interest all in one place has simplified how I use my cryptoassets.


Crexlend Team

Our mission is to assist cryptocurrency holders to earn the highest rate on their assets. We have felt strongly that this market needs access to trading options in order to reduce volatility, facilitate scale and put the financial infrastructure for this ecosystem on par with other asset classes.